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OurAdvocate Attorneys utilize a large network of personal injury attorneys, support staff, and experts to ensure every client has the best talent that Michigan, and the greater United States has to offer. The OurAdvocate firm emphasizes a compassionate, personal touch with every client and an understanding and empathy that only comes with years of experience, and the ability to understand the needs of a personal injury victim.

Are you looking for a good personal injury lawyer?

Good is not enough!  Your case does not have to drag on for years!

Experience - Understanding - Compassion - Success.

“Our clients aren't "files or cases" we view them as "family, loved ones and friends. We believe in the Golden Rule and it guides everything we do."  - David Bruegel, attorney and co-founder of OurAdvocate.

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Why choose us?  There is a better way; we think you don’t know it yet!

We are in the "People Business".  What is important to you:  we listen, we support, we advocate!

In the wake of a personal injury, we understand the importance of hearing your story and explaining how we can put our many years of experience in the state of Michigan, to work for you. We believe you deserve nothing less than complete respect and compassion.

Our expert personal injury advice is free. Take a moment to contact us and let’s make sure you get all of your questions answered.  We are there for you now!  1-248-841-1060

There are so many personal injury attorneys in Michigan, just like every other state!  You have to make sure the shoe fits!  With personal injury cases, you may have a three or four year relationship with your attorney.  Choose carefully and wisely.  Here is a list of things to consider.

How do I choose the right personal injury attorney?

The experience of the attorney in the scope of how you view your case.

For instance, do you want to wait three or four years for settlement?  Do you want to go through the deposition process?  Or are you looking for attorneys who can eliminate these problems to resolve the damages with quick compensation without reducing your entitlement?
We care about the law, we care about the life and we care about how the law can help to heal your life.

Are the attorneys powerful, yet likeable?

The most important aspect of choosing a personal injury law firm is without a doubt the attorneys within the company.  Personal Injury Law, unlike many other practice areas, requires as much attention to the client as it does to the law.  Our attorneys are going to ask you questions like. “What is your condition?”, “Are you in constant pain?” “Are you getting good rehabilitation?” “What other problems do you have?”

How does the attorney view your damages from the accident and the entitlement for your finances and rehabilitation?

Your damages are our concern.  Damages infiltrate into all aspects of our lives in personal injury cases, to the balance of your life, your family and your kids.  With our attorneys, you will never feel like you are complaining.  It is important that you are comfortable asking questions.

What is the true belief about your total healing:  emotionally, physically and financially?

Our firm belief is that attorneys in personal injury law should monitor their clients, their progress, their setbacks, their medical needs and their financial transactions as related to the accident.  Our clients in Michigan and the surrounding states have confirmed this with their favorable comments about the care and help that OurAdvocate provides.

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